Our Services

At Medical Partnerships we are dedicated to providing the very best in domiciliary, respite and assisted living care, with specially trained staff equipped to deal with a variety of needs and conditions.

Domiciliary Care

Our domiciliary care can be as hands on as required, including anything from a few visits a week to assist with less regular tasks and provide comfort and support, to multiple visits a day to those less able. The domiciliary care we provide is designed to a level that suits you, to enable you to live as independently as you wish with a little help where needed.

Our domiciliary carers can assist with domestic tasks such as shopping, meal preparation, laundry, cleaning, bathing, and assistance attending medical checks and assistance taking medication. All services are fully regulated and are always administered by a carefully chosen and skilled care worker.

Medical Partnerships domiciliary care services cater for a range of support needs, including those with physical disabilities, mental illnesses, dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, or those recovering from a stroke.

Before commencing supported living services with Medical Partnerships, we will perform a full assessment of you or your loved one to enable us to fully understand the needs of the service user. From this we will be able to assign an appropriate carer, equipped with the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary, as well as design a detailed and tailored care plan to ensure you receive the most from our services and we provide independence and improved wellbeing wherever possible.

Dementia Care

Our care givers are fully trained and experienced in providing expert dementia care services, with 24-hour care where necessary. This includes an emphasis on emotional support with specially trained carers in mental health care who are experienced in coping with the emotional and mental changes that take place in Dementia sufferers.

Learning Disabilities Care

Medical Partnerships are committed to supporting those with learning disabilities to lead fulfilling lives with as much independence as possible. To do so, we focus on developing relationships, helping to make informed decisions, aiding with feelings of social inclusion and assisting with the practicalities of life, from bathing and dressing to cleaning and budgeting.

Respite Care

Respite care can be anything from one or two weeks to 3 or 4 months of care, either planned or in an emergency. Respite care provides care for those recovering from an operation or illness, and unexpected accident, or provide relief for a full-time carer during holidays or other personal time.

Sitting Service

We can provide sitting services for carers in need of a few hours away from their care receiver as well as trained sitting service carers who can provide companionship daily or weekly to provide a fresh face to those who may feel isolated by their condition.

Sensory Impairment

Daily activities can be challenging for those suffering with sensory impairment, which is why our fully qualified carers are trained to support persons with sensory impairment with a personalised care plan to actively promote independence wherever possible.

Recovering from Operations

Postoperative care requires rest and relaxation with varying degrees of care and assistance. This can include dressing changing and pain management to help with daily activities, meal preparation and bathing. Our postoperative carers will also assist in attending all postoperative follow up appointments where necessary.

Physical Disabilities

Our qualified carers will ensure that those suffering from physical disabilities continue to lead a full and active lifestyle with involvement in your local community. With an emphasis on person centred care, we will help you to live the life you choose to live, with daily help as well as assistance participating in hobbies and interests.